Monday, July 30, 2012


Sniff...Today he's 2.

A kiddo party for Coop. {aka "Thing 4"}...
A picnic in the park was the "theme" for little man's kiddo party. We chose a cozy spot a ways off from the playground and set to celebrating...A night filled with: Kettle Corn, hot dogs, Berries, bubbles, photo's, Izze's, felt crowns, burlap bow ties, baseball-ing, hugs-hugs-hugs & some more hugs, sunsets, cupcakes, swinging, 1 emotional mama, perfect temps, dancing, signs of "2", munchkin voices with little manners, sliding, climbing, fabulousness galore...
Bonus: there was a free concert in the park that evening...can you say "party music"...ambiance complete.

{Maybe it's just his rocking' skinny jeans, but little man is looking closer to 3 than 2 these days. }

Happy {official} Birthday to our littlest man!!! We love you Coops! 

{And today we celebrate some more...because in this house the birthday celebrations keep going & going}

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