Wednesday, July 18, 2012

polka dot fins

Little girls need dolls & ruffles...
Isn't this the most precious mermaid you have ever seen? It's been hanging out in my Etsy faves for ages...I literally squealed when I opened the package. We are talking lethal levels of cuteness here. Plus, the shop owner is such a doll and so MUST visit...TADPOLE CREATIONS. Let the cuteness consume you. 

For baby girl & her mama Shan: I will miss you both & pray for you always...tell Mississppi to get ready, we'll be visiting soon!


  1. Lovely....thank you so much for featuring my little mermaid the photograph of the tail fin!

  2. Mississippi is glad to have them!! I had to check out your blog after meeting you this weekend!! It is super fabulous!! Just as cute as I imagined! I can't wait to see the pics of the wedding... If u have any really great ones of Liam I would love to order some copies from u!! I really enjoyed meeting you and I hope your sweet little man is feeling better!
    -Amy G

    1. First of all...I have fab ones of Liam & I will GIVE them to you! Second...thank ya for the lovin'!

  3. yes they do :) so precious



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