Tuesday, July 3, 2012


So, day 2 of potty training went a little something like this...

1) Potty. Check. Book. Check.
2) Naked booty. Check.
3) Mud Puddle....
4) Mud Puddle...
5) Mud Puddle...
6) What are we doing again?

What do they say? "Boys will be boys?" 
Look at this little boy...covered in mud, scar over one eye, a chipped tooth, and blue eyes that just won't quit! Can I please freeze him just like this?!

Oh my, the memories...I'm sure he'll be thrilled I got this on camera...and that I published it on the web.

Pssst - I'm happy to announce that "someone" has graduated from naked booty to big boy underwear!!! 
{Oh and...we kept the naked booty in our very private backyard and inside the house...no public displays folks}


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