Monday, August 13, 2012

6 nights

Yesterday the oldest "Thing" and I drove 1.25 hours to drop him off at camp...
It's his first overnight camp...a whole week long. 
He was quiet as a mouse the whole ride up...he was was I. We have never been apart from one another more than a night or 2. He suddenly seemed like a tiny little boy again, and I entertained the idea of "getting lost" and "missing the sign in time". I'm glad {for his sake} that I didn't let my silly mama heart get the best of me. 

The resort camp is amazing...tee pees...boat houses...bunk beds...horses...farming...silly boys & giggly girls...

I'm sure his stories will be full of adventures and laughter. I can't wait to hear each and every one. Till then I'll just hold back the tears as I best I can and hope the days go by very quickly! 

*All the pics were taken & edited on my iPhone using the VSCO app. I am in no way affiliated with this app I just LOVE it!*

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  1. Can't wait to hear all about it! Hope he has lots of fun! Looks like a fabulous place!


Thank you for the note!