Thursday, August 30, 2012

ball kick

Where we live there aren't coffee shops, boutiques, or family markets within walking distance. 
Our tiny neighborhood has only 1 street and is nestled amidst the trees.
But...on the other side of those trees...
Baseball fields galore...
I can't believe summer is almost over. I'm not complaining {not really}, I enjoy routine and cooler temps as much as the next gal...but there's just something about long days and empty schedules that I'm gonna miss.

Plus, the end of summer means the start of school...which means everyone is moving up a grade...which is another reminder that they are getting older...which means that and one day I will be "the mother-in-law"...and they will all be far away arguing over who is going to tell me I'm going into a nursing home. Sigh. 
{Ok, so I'm being dramatic...}

Wrapping up summer with: kickball // cloud searches // rolling down grassy hills /// ball tag in the infield //  racing to the scoreboard // sliding into first // barefootin' // packing for vaca as we extend our summer an extra week while the rest of Jersey starts school


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