Friday, August 24, 2012

Diner En Blanc

Last Night I had the honor of attending Diner En Blanc, Philadelphia 2012.
An all white, "pop-up", formal picnic/party, extraordinaire, smack dab in the middle of the city!
The final destination a guarded everyone blindly followed their "leaders through out the city...we drove, we subway'd, we walked...we arrived...
 The entire evening was a dream! 
A sight to behold as 1000's of white clothed pedestrians, strolled through the streets of Philly, till they rendezvoused at Logan Square Fountain. 
An absolute DREAM!
We: ate glorious food...made new friends & ran into old ones...watched the crowds...pinched ourselves repeatedly...admired the attire...were our own paparazzi...danced a smidge...sparkled...made plans for dinner en blanc 2013...pinched ourselves some more...enjoyed every single minute.

I was made for this.

If you haven't been to a Diner En Blanc event...YOU MUST!
When you do, here are a few tips: 1)Do your absolute besetst to fill your evening with all white. From your outfit to your complete the experience. Trust me. 2) Only bring what you can carry in your hands...stairs, trains, & taxi rides later you may regret having strapped all your things to a dolly. 3)When you're on that subway with 100 other people dressed in white with no idea where you're EXCITED! This is fun! The mystery is part of the surprise so enjoy it & leave your grumps at home. 4)Come ready to have the night of your won't be disappointed. 

**These Pics were a collaborative effort between the bestie and myself.**


  1. How lovely and exciting the evening must have been. You girls look fabulous. It all really does look like a dream...must have felt surreal to be part of such an awesome event!!!

  2. looks like an amazing experience!! the photos turned out really great : )

  3. ok, i have to do this. just went to the site and am in LOVE! can you refer me?

    1. Yes. You must do this. I've only known you a year... but this event has Karla written all over it. I'll def refer you :) just promise we'll rendezvous for a white dress photo op :)


Thank you for the note!