Thursday, August 16, 2012

I scream

Last night, the hubs took "Thing 3" on an overnight trip to the shore {so lucky!} home we celebrated our sudden trio-ness with summer's first trip to the ice cream truck. 

Poor ice cream truck driver, slows down past our house every night...he must think I'm pure evil for not indulging their ice cream needs all summer long. Of course, if we hadn't waited all summer to get our first cones that silly driver may have missed the greatest ice cream celebration dances he {surely} has ever seen. They were epic. The ice cream was delish...made all the tastier by the wait.

Funny {to me} story: with only 3 in the house, we decided to have a mini overnighter in mommies bed. About 2 hours in, "Thing 2" suddenly sits up:
~"I have no room"
- "That happens when you share a bed, honey."
~ "hmmph"
{lays back down}
{the littlest, instantly, rolls over & "sleep slaps" him in the face}
{sits back up}
~ "I need to leave. This is no good."
{grabs his pillow and gets in his own bed}
{commence happy snores}

THE Weekend plans:
Today we head to the shore to meet up with the missing members of our crew..I'm hoping for sunshine & boardwalk fries. // Tomorrow the oldest comes home from camp...Hip Hip Hooray...I'm hoping for fabulous stories & hugs!!! // Sunday, we rest...I'm hoping. 


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