Thursday, August 16, 2012

Natural Light

Say Hello to {some of} my in-laws. 
AKA - The hubs' little brother's & his little family.
AKA - Ben, Audi, & Atticus.

{Aren't they gorgeous?}

Now, enter another EEK! 
I just scheduled our family photo's with the same fabulous photographer who took these amazing pics E.M. Ricchini of Lark & Lace. Her photo style just fits us so perfectly. Wouldn't you agree?
Love. It. 

To see the rest of this shoot go HERE

***Psst-if you live in tri-state a shoot with E.M. Ricchini prior to Sept. 1st and the sitting fee is only 99$'s! A STEAL! {the actual shoot can happen any time, you just have to schedule it prior to Sept. 1st}***


Thank you for the note!