Wednesday, August 1, 2012

take 2

Our family b-day parties are standardly simple. 

We order the main course {pizza is the go to}, prepare a food sides, dump a few bags of chips, I bake the cake/cupcakes, we allow sports announcers to act as background music, carefully dodge children running to and fro, vacuum real quick, and fancy up the dining room for that "party feel". 
{Traditionally the boys pick out the party napkins then I do the rest. It's a silly tradition but they like it & so do I.}

Bonus: this years family party included the Olympics! {SO much better than the usual football}
{little stinker head}
{Insert a harmonized rendition of the "Happy Birthday Song" here...}
Theirs something extra sweet about family coming together to celebrate you on your birthday. Just them being there...makes everything complete.

Oh & just want to mention that all the little "extras" are from Target: balloons, cake flags, paper straws, napkins, drink markers, & fat b-day candles :)
{Yes. you can now get paper straws from Target. Yee Haw.}


Thank you for the note!