Friday, September 14, 2012


Dear Ocean City NJ, 
We love you.
~The Willey clan 
I am still in vacation mode. 
And life is quickly piling up on me. Dishes, laundry, schooling, unanswered emails, unplanned brunches, doctor appointments, school fundraisers, oil changes...etc, etc, etc. Coffee, Paper plates, beautiful weather, & field trips have been my saviors this week. I've decided to take just one more weekend to relax. THEN I'm gonna get "hardcore" on that to-do list that keeps growing & growing.
{I really will babe, I promise. No worries.}

Daydreaming of summer vaca: all day in the sand // body surfing // matchy match swimsuits // memories with gigi & pop-pop // dating on the boards // rides, rides, rides // crab fries, crab pizza, crab get the picture // reading with the hubs // sleeping in // cuddling with the boys // a trip to the ER // Uncle Bill's Pancake house with the littlest // skim boarding // tide pools // banana whip {delicious} // coffee beans roasted on the boardwalk // a bunny ear'd icon is born // someone stuck on daddy's hip all week long // a night with friends // learning to play penuckle // long naps // bike riding // oceans to ourselves in the early morn // hunting for shells // buckets of jelly fish // sand everywhere // an extra week of summer bliss...can't wait to do it again next year. 

2 years in a row = a new tradition.

Have a happy weekend! I think you should join me in taking the weekend off...those dishes are just gonna get dirty again anyway. 
{Just don't tell you hubbies it was my idea}


  1. My favorite is the pic of josh and copper snuggling when hes holding his ear. And I love the one of your parents. One week from now starts the reamer week at the beach .... =)

    1. Coop was cuddling Josh's ear just about every other moment. It's already one of my fave "When Coop was little", memories :) Have so much fun at the shore! Maybe you'll have yourself a beach baby :)

  2. You take such lovely pictures!! Looks like you had a wonderful time!

  3. i have to agree with elisabeth. coop doing his ear thing to josh is super sweet. and i was struck by the pop of color of the fair rides.

  4. your boys grew up fast...and i have only known you for a year...


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