Thursday, September 20, 2012

baseball, bagels, & butterflies

I love living fall in Jersey. 
Perfect temps. No humidity. Sunshiney sun-ness. & days with Friends.
We spent yesterday sipping cucumber mint waters on the besties patio and filling field journals with finds in her tiny forest. 
{such a luxurious life, eh?}

Ok, so we spent part of the day: chasing boys, making lunches, wiping bottoms, spraying for bugs, holding off nap times, and dealing with little boy 'tudes.

But it was a gorgeous  day and we did sip/gulp fancy water on a patio so let's choose to focus on those moments. 
{seriously, most days it's about perspective...trying to choose the happy here folks...because really we could get lost in the stinky moments of life and miss out on the fabulous ones very easily...profound, I know.}

I'm enjoying these days of raising littles with friends. Watching our kids become friends. Planning playdates. Planning futures. Daydreaming of things to come. And pinching myself every once in a while to make sure this is all real.

I'm right where I always wanted to be.
{wiping bottoms and all}
Lucky Blessed Me.

Thank you Jesus for all the blessing you have given me...really, really. 

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