Tuesday, September 11, 2012


In OC, it's pretty common to walk past a photo shoot similar to this...
You take your kids down to the beach "after hours"...put 'em on a boat...stick 'em in a chair...snap away...move on for the next family waiting on the sidelines. 
What's not so common are littles BEGGING for pictures of themselves pretending to be life guards...
Adorably cute pictures I might add, with 1 or 2 hilarious interpretations of a lifeguard. 
Adorable, eh?
And yes...I know how lucky we are. Our boys are the bestest. 

Take a deep breathe...these are only the beginning of the vaca pics...but hey, at least I haven't invited you over to watch a "movie" that turned out to be a slideshow of our trip...and at least if you want, you can just close this tab and I never have to know that my pictures bore you...so...your welcome.

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  1. Oh my, those poses just had me smiling ear to ear! Such sweet boys! Xxx


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