Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Presently, we are studying birds at ye old homeschool academy. 
Birds? Field trip? The Philadelphia Zoo? 
Great Idea! 
Have you ever seen 2 flamingo's "chest bumping" it out? 
I have. Now.
Not gonna lie, I was a little concerned they were gonna get those twisty pink necks all knotted up like something out of Alice in Wonderland. It was like watching a couple tough guys, "wanna piece of me"? 
{I'm happy to report neither flamingo was injured}

I have lofty goals of fieldtrippin' every other week {at least} this year. Hands on learning...exploring...he just eats it up!

Chickens. Insect museums. Zoo memberships. What's next?
Might as well face facts...Homeschool, ahoy!

* after the zoo trip, we dolled ourselves all up and met our photographer down the shore for a family photo shoot! Let's just say an empty amusement park was involved. EEK!!! SO excited! I'll share pics as soon as I have some. I'm sure they will be great. Erika is the besetst. 


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