Friday, September 21, 2012

out with a bang

I'm all about "creating traditions" & this is one I look forward to repeating. 
Winding up the warm weather season the same way we rang it the shore with 2 of our faves {Aunt Michele & Kari}...
Best. Scones. Ever. 
1st street, OC, NJ.
Get yours.
Memories from today: unplanned matching suits // iced coffee // fall breezes // 2 year olds playing football // guilt that our guys are working so hard today // shell hunting // lizard boy // sweaters // orange white chocolate scones // kissing boo boos // juice box breaks // chatting in beach chairs...what?! // sandy bums // car sleepers // missing one of my "things" // grateful that our guys work so hard so we can enjoy these days with our littles, together.

**The photo's in this post were a collaborative effort between Michele & Myself**


  1. Where did your friend get her bathing suit?!?!?! Love. I could never wear yours. My stomach looks like a crumpled wet paper bag. Thank you pregnancy.

    1. Isn't it fabulous? J.Crew, they have the best suits...No question. I shouldn't be wearing that suit either...bloated beach ball belly...thank you donuts ;) (she's a good photographer)


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