Friday, October 5, 2012

flash back-ing

Late Night Daydreaming...
I'm working on my Blurb Blog Photo Book...loving the summer memories.
Feeling particularly drawn to the beach on this fall day where we hit 80 degrees.
{Not fun. I wore jeans and long sleeves in protest of the heat.}

I could look through pics of our past moments together, all day long. 
Holding my breath as I note how much bigger everyone is since 3 months ago. Sighing, wondering where the time went. Laughing all over again

These days are ones I frequently revisit:

*The above pic was taken by my 8 year old when we visited the Zoo. He's getting good, eh?


  1. I really feel like my son grew about 2 inches this summer! Crazy!

  2. just found you via designmom. lovely story! your family is beautiful.


Thank you for the note!