Monday, October 8, 2012

Heels Night

Happy Birthday To You...
Once a month I meet up with 3 fancy ladies for "Heels Night". 
I cherish this time. An excuse to dress up and go out, heels required. To spend time with special friends that I otherwise may not see with all the hustle and bustle of life.
We eat, we talk, we laugh till our sides ache...literally, ache.

Now...I'm sure each of us has had a night where we didn't feel like dressing up and going out...but we've committed to each other to make it a priority, so we go even when we don't "feel like it"...and we're always glad we did. 

. Going out isn't always required {though we try to because the pitter patter of little feet and cries for help can kinda take away from the "feel" we're going for}, it's about making time for each other and ourselves.  
You know, "me time".

This past weekend we had a "Night In" to celebrate a birthday amongst us...Pink bubbly, Corny Scanable B-day cards, strawberry shortcake, nutella french toast, seat pads?, laughing/cackling, TMI {Jess}, and as always...heels required.

Happy Birthday Ami! 
3 Cheers to heels. 

*I feel the need to note how lucky we are that our husbands also value this time for us, and the commitment they've made to helping make these nights possible. Thanks guys!*


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