Wednesday, October 3, 2012

may the force be with you

October you have your halloween costumes?

I am a theme girl. And 4 boys provide lots of costume theme options.
ie: 80's rock band, classic halloween, lawn ornaments, nature themes, etc.

Last year we rocked "Star Wars". and I mean ROCKED!
{Seriously...this year's costumes have a lot to live up to.}

 Kinda wishing we could get our Jedi-power on again.

True Story: I whipped up all of these costumes the week of Halloween. {Procastinator award}
So no worries, you have plenty of time to figure out how to dress your little cherubs.

If you're feeling "the force" and need a few pointers Here are the original DIY posts from last year: Yoda, Ewok, R2D2

For some Pinterest-y inspirations visit My Halloween Pin Board
Pssst, in case you're wondering...I was Princes the snow suit, not the tramp-kini. I always join in on the dress up fun, always.


  1. sigh... (my sweet mister took all but the littlest for some serious dad-time, leaving me with unexpected mom-mostly alone time!) SO enjoyed my time on your blog! thanks for sharing your lovely life!

    1. You sweet mister is the sweetest! Un-expected mom time, is the besets! Honored that you shared your free time with me!


Thank you for the note!