Monday, October 29, 2012

not by the hair on my chinny chin, chin...

Trick or Treat...
Yep. They're adorbs. Thank you. {Insert smiley emoticon here}
So, per family costume rules...we needed to come up with a group theme. They landed on this one after deciding they wanted to also put on a mini "play" for their friends at our upcoming fall frolic. {seasonal party/birthday party}

It was super fun putting together.
All the clothes were from our closets or a thrift store.
The masks, tails, and glove embellishments were made of felt.

I wanted to put a twist on the costumes vs. going with a standard wolf and three pigs...mainly because I was pretty sure the boys wouldn't be to excited about "full on pink" oinker costumes, despite their request to be pigs. Let's face it, the appeal of this theme was construction and destruction, the pigs were the drawback. Dressing the boys in outfits that fit their "pig" took the focus away from the animal and put it on the theme. I love how it turned out. 

They were a hit at Trunk or Treat...celebrity like, really.

What are your costume plans this year? Do you DIY or store buy? Ooh, or best yet...mix it up?


  1. I can vouch for the celebrity status at trunk or treat. People even took their pictures! It was great!

  2. What great costumes! I love the pig masks! We're going to be (homemade) Ninjas...but we're in NY and waiting for the storm to hit! I'm very much hoping Halloween won't be cancelled again this year!!! (I've already got 800 pieces of Halloween candy!)

    1. Hope you are safe! In NJ...close to the shore...we are blessed.

  3. Totally cute! We like to make costumes and use what we have. It's more fun that way I think.

  4. i think coop stole the show, but that's one snazzy wolf.

  5. how adorable!!! One is being spiderman (store bought), one is being a princess (homemade) that is if we have Halloween this year! Hope you are safe and having a great hurricane day!

  6. awesome job!!! love the theme and they are so cute

  7. These pictures made me crack up - so, so cute! It's awesome you made the costumes yourself - they are so ridiculously expensive these days!


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