Tuesday, October 23, 2012

piles of thanks

Reflective hat on today: 
{Ultimately} I did not "do more" to deserve better than others.
{Ultimately} I am not entitled to this fabulous life I live.
{Ultimately} I have been blessed. 
A nod to my blessing filled life:
*piles of pumpkin *littles x's 4 *a loving hubs *a home of our own *freedoms *friends *my folks *meals in the freezer *coffee in my cup *heavy cream *pumpkin treats *my little sis...she makes me laugh *4 seasons *closet filled with pretty dresses *a garage filled with projects *pending overnighter with the bestie & our littlest's *Good Will Fab Finds *Costume success *Charter Schools *Birthday's *Adoption *staying home with my boys *pediatricians who care * teachers who go the extra mile * 
*a calendar filled with fun *spending my days with the love of my life living out "my dream" 

Thank You Lord, for all that you have blessed me with. I hope to be a good steward of these gifts. May I never forget they came from you. I love you! 
Your Daughter, 
{The one who is always questioning you...Sorry.}

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  1. Very true and a good reminder for all of us! Thanks for sharing!!




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