Tuesday, October 30, 2012

sandy stormy days

 We hunkered down and watched as the winds blew and rains fell...taking full advantage of the opportunity to be close to one another. {cuddles galore}  We waited for the worst and are happy to report we were spared. Just a few flickering lights and rattling windows.
{Confession: when the lights first flickered I ran to the kitchen and made three cups of coffee...in prep for a pending power outage. Mama needs her coffee. Don't judge.}
Today we are grateful for: electricity, stocked cupboards, safety for family & friends, and an extra day home with the hubs.

Today we are praying for: Shore town residents, NYC, and all those who are still without power in our area. 

So long "Sandy".

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  1. i was wondering how you all were faring over there...glad to hear you and your family are safe and sound!!


Thank you for the note!