Friday, October 19, 2012

simple fall ness

These days...
We're fully enjoying our fall: Lazy days, cuddly blankets, reading through the classics {just wrapped up Black Beauty, I'm so proud of him.}, baking, leaf piles, hikes, corn bread...every fall meal seems to require it {Holla?} , shorter days, longer nights, water color'ing, homeschool Modern Family & New Girl, sleep intervention with a 2 year old {I do not enjoy this at all. I repeat, not at all.}, hoodies, riding boots, little boys in hats & mittens {EEK!}, apple cider, PUMPKINS EVERYWHERE! week from today the boys have "Trunk or Treat" at Thing 2's school. Which means, I have just 7 days to get these costumes together. EEK! Procrastinator award..insert virtual bow here.
It's all good though...I got this.

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  1. sounds so wonderful. black beauty was one of my favorites!



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