Wednesday, October 17, 2012

These Two

Saturday Mornings are for: sleeping in, cartoons, sugar cereal, fall ball, family time, yay no school{!}, and most recently...Saturday mornings are for eagle nest building. 
I've seen an Eagle's nest up close and in person {insert nod to homeschooling here}. 
They. Are. Huge. HUGE! 
Building one is no easy task. Good thing they were dressed for the task. 

Sigh...seriously, how cute are these two? 
The planning started during breakfast...this nest was going to be EPIC! They had barely swallowed their last bites before they were out the back door with galoshes on. 
This was one of those moments I found myself choking back tears. My boys are friends. Brothers of course...but truly friends. They LOVE to be together. {and here come the tears} I pray it lasts a lifetime. 

I wonder what adventure they'll go on next Saturday morning. 


  1. Wonderful photos!! Hopefully these Saturday morning memories can last them a lifetime. And I love the green hat:)

  2. I love that they put into action what they learn :)


Thank you for the note!