Tuesday, November 27, 2012

banana cream pie it up

"Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear Shy....Happy Birthday to you!!!"
It's official, birthday night was a hit. 
We celebrated our little hearts out and then celebrated some more. 
It was fun watching him try to not be giddy happy over the whole thing...you know he's getting older, almost to cool for a big fuss...almost. 
{wink wink}
B-day Memories: {dairy free} Banana cream pie // presents // wishes // stamped napkins// Tony Lukes is the best // so grateful for facetime so traveling daddies can sing along // balloon table runners // The Wizard of Oz {old school} // counting his blessings and melting my heart // hugs galore // party hats // big dreams // paper crowns // wrappings everywhere // smile on his face as he closed his eyes for sleep.

Love you Shy. Next year, double digits...going big. 


  1. Wonderful memories....Love the pictures..Love you guys...G-Nan

  2. sweet, sweet photos. I adore the party hats.

    And please tell me where you found your dairy free banana cream pie recipe. My sweet little one just started her elimination diet (trying to figure out what is causing her KP). And dairy is the first up!


Thank you for the note!