Wednesday, November 7, 2012

birthday dating

This Boy. Has stolen my heart. 
When he's with all that he is. And among other things...he loves trains. 
Oh. My. Word. He LOVES trains. 
Guess what we did for his "birthday date"?
I thought, he loved food...but no, he would have gone all day without eating. 
We had lunch, because I was starving. I somehow conned him into taking a train break for chocolate chip pancakes. Pancakes he scarfed down all the while hiding his grin of anticipation about getting back on the train. 
I thought he loved hot cocoa. Nope. I needed a break from sitting so I convinced him hot cocoa and a stroll in the city would be SO MUCH FUN!
Kinda like a date I'd have with daddy...
He enjoyed paying for the cocoa {the way his daddy does} but he never took a sip....just tossed it in the trash and told me he was ready to get back on the train. 
So back on the train we went. And there we rode. Round trip. Twice. 
A stranger wouldn't have been able to tell he was having a good time...his shoulders pulled up his ear, his hands twisting around and around, no talking, only an occasional sheepish smile...but I knew.
He was having the time of his life.
And don't you know as soon as we were back in the comforts of our van {yes, I drive a mini van} he didn't stop talking, laughing, and smiling about our day the whole way home. 
 He likes: food & hot cocoa. 
He loves: trains

I love this kid. 
Thank you Lord, for making me his mama. I owe you...forever. 


  1. you always have the most gorgeous pictures and moments captured.


  2. And he has the green cord pants on! Happy Birthday!


Thank you for the note!