Monday, November 19, 2012

just because

He asked me once, "Could we go on a date in the middle of the night? You know, when the whole world is sleeping?" 
What a great idea...
On Sunday, shortly after midnight, I snuck into "Thing 3's" room to wake him for a surprise "middle of the night" date!
{You should have seen his face...priceless...mental snapshot moment I'll cherish forever.}
Lucky us, Diners in Jersey are open 24 hours, so we headed to our fave. On the way we pretended our minivan was a flying spaceship and that the lights from other vehicles were enemy ships attempting an attack. We ate waffles with whip and fresh fruit. I had coffee, he had chocolate milk. He talked about his class and I listened. On the way home it was back to fighting off alien spaceships.

He told me it was the best day ever. And even though, he told me the very same thing the day we had leftover cold pizza for breakfast...I'll take it. 
This day is certainly going to make my all time fave days list. 


  1. Only a mom, with a big heart and full of love for her little man, would even consider going out in the middle of the night on such a "Special" date.....Good "Memories are made like this".........Love, You, Nana.

  2. This is the sweetest thing! The way you love your boys is truly inspiring!

  3. You're awesome! What a fun idea!


Thank you for the note!