Tuesday, November 6, 2012

party hearty

Party time. Just Us. Celebrating just him...

BirthDAY's are for just the fam. From start to finish. And...true to who we are, the celebrations center around "eats". 
Guest of Honor picks the eats... 
All. Day. Long.
He began the day at a diner with daddy, dining on his fave, pancakes. 
He ended the day at a mini party with the gang, dining on his other fave, pizza.
Of course it's not a real party without: decorations, mama in a dress, and lots of pictures. 

Ummm...I'm not kidding...if any of the 3 fore mentioned items were not a part of the evening...it would have been considered a party fail by our {not so} little guy. 

The highlight for me: his facial expressions during present time. A reflection of pure joy! His fave gift: a grown up Bible. 
{Sigh...my mama heart is full tonight}

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