Thursday, November 1, 2012

Tricks for Treats

So...trick or treating in Jersey was postponed till Nov. 4th {stinkin' Hurrican Sandy}. I'm not gonna complain though...I mean really, my kids can wait a few extra days to fill their bags with candy...our state is in turmoil...candy is not a priority here. 
Thing is, I'm kinda ready to be done with Halloween...trunk or treating, school parties, parades...I'm Halloween'd out. 
Light bulb moment: A Halloween-y evening of tricks & treats, just us.
Game on!
We set to work decorating doorways {a.k.a. "houses"} as the boys ran off to assemble their costumes. When all was set we met in the foyer {a.k.a.  "town square"} to hear the rules for the evening: 
To get a treat you must do the required trick.
It was a memorable affair.
 The boys darted back & forth between our "houses" completing the required tricks for their treats: Rolling apples with noses, balancing gourds on spoons, bobbing for apples, balancing marshmallow on noses, & tossing marshmallows into a partners mouth. 
We had a blast from start to finish...laughing & giggling all along the way. 
It was a Happy Halloween indeed. 
{And now it's over. Phew.}


  1. You sound like a very fun mommy. It's a lot of fun reading your blog and looking at your boys' pictures.

  2. When I buy my beach house, I want you to shabby chic the hell out of it, please :)


Thank you for the note!