Friday, December 21, 2012

birthday bud

Happy Birthday to our little friend...Kari...
Turning 2 is a big deal. 
And around here birthdays are a big deal.
 So you can only imagine the scheming that began when my little guys overheard us mama's talking about someone's birthday coming up...Operation Celebrate, On.

Nothing to fancy, just some balloons and yarn...donuts in lieu of cake, and birthday crown that Thing 4 insisted on sharing with his little bud. 
{Please note how ridiculously small the crown is, props to Kari for VERY INTENTIONALLY balancing that bad boy on his head the entire meal.}
We ate, we sang, we celebrated a special little guy who {at only 2} has already touched/changed the lives of so many. He is a blessing. I am thrilled to be raising boys along side my besties and even more thrilled that our boys just can't get enough of each other.
Kindred Spirits from the start these two. 


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