Tuesday, December 4, 2012

count down on

 Say Hello to the last minute advent calendar...

I'm terrible at remembering to "do" the advent count down everyday. 
I'm totally relying on the boys to keep it going this year. I'm always all gun hoe and ready to go when we get started, excited even,  but then...it's the 24th and somehow there are still 9 days till Christmas {according to the calendar}. 
We're on track now but we didn't start out so well...a day behind right off the get go! 
So now worries if you haven't hung one yet, you can still join in the fun! Who says the Christmas countdown has to start on the 1st of December? You can start whenever you'd like...20 days before, 5 days before, 15 days before...no rules.

Advent DIY

You'll Need:
-Paper clips
-Numbered flags / stickers
-truffle boxes {at Michael's}
-tiny candies & toys...1 for each box {check dollar spot at Target}

1. fill 'em
2. label 'em
3. hang 'em
4. open 'em

I hung ours in front of the chalkboard, mainly to keep it up and out of reach of curious 2 year old hands. Of course, the whole cute chalkboard effect is an added bonus. 
Be creative, have fun, and get all giggly excited with the kids as you count down to the most wonderful holiday of them all!

21 days till Christmas!!!!!


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