Wednesday, December 5, 2012

the firemen & the tree

What a pre-cut tree?! 
Yes. We betrayed our tradition this year...for shame. 

Truth be told, our local Christmas Tree Farm wasn't open for business this holiday season & with the hubs traveling it seemed like a good year to give something new a try. So with two firemen in tow...I headed to "Christmas Town" {self-named}. We went for a tree and ended up being there the afternoon. 

Memories of an unexpected Christmas adventure: reindeer x's2, pet photo day with Santa, face painting by elves, Christmas tree decor display's for hours, candy cane hunts, hot dogs, firemen by my side, & the fullest Christmas tree you ever saw.

The boys had a blast but next year...time to find a new Christmas tree farm. 
Turns out I'm a "cut it down yourself", kinda girl. 

How about you: Fake, Pre-cut, or Cut your own?


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