Wednesday, January 9, 2013

adventures with little miss

Thing 3 has a fave, special little friend...and he just ADORES her. 
You should hear the plans they make...their whole lives are mapped out, from wedding to children, to the color of their front door {someday}.
So, I wasn't surprised one bit when his special birthday request was a sleepover with "Little Miss"...
 Oh the adventures that were had. 
From saving the world {repeatedly} to raising a family {with lots of children}. They are the perfect little friend match...both of them very confident in their own opinions. I can't help but hide around the corner to listen in to their HILARIOUS conversations...hi-larious. 

Highlight moments from a 5th birthday: Pregnant Catwoman sending Batman off to fight "robs" {robbers} while she stayed home and took care of the children // waffles and eggs for dinner // presents that rocked his world // giggling under the covers // robots & princesses // a wedding // lots & lots of singing // lots & lots of dancing // and the biggest birthday hug ever from the sweetest little 5 year old you have ever meet...our boy is a protector of hearts {most of the time...}

Happy Birthday Boo!
{I have a feeling this is going to be your fave page in the 2013 photo book.} 


Thank you for the note!