Thursday, January 24, 2013

Big Cats

 For Boo's "one on one with mommy birthday celebration", there was no hesitation in his choice. 
The Zoo.
To see the Tigers {and other Big Cats}.
I had conceived some other plans. You know something different, we'd never done before. A whole days worth of activities that he was certain to love...
Nope. Not interested. On our way to our first event of the day we passed the zoo and instantly everything changed. I love it. we went to see the Tigers {and other Big Cats}.
We saw Tigers & other Big Cats, rode on a Big Cat, ate at the "Tiger Terrace", bought a stuffed tiger, and then we were Tigers...ok I was a giraffe.
{Oh, the imagination on this one...wears me out sometimes, but it's fabulous}

I can not imagine a day filled with any more Tiger-ish. It was GRRRRRRR-EAT! 

Our 2nd stop {not pictured}, an overnight stay in a hotel. The hubs surprised us, knowing just what Boo would want. There was bouncing on beds, games of tag, playing "zoo", bubbles, bubblegum, movies and yumm-i-licious chocolate mouse cake!

From the Zoo to the was an that ended with room service and cuddling. I'm particularly proud of myself for not tearing up over how old he is and how soon he'll be married with children and barely time for a phone call much less a whole day just the two of us.
{Drama mama}


I love the "one on one with mommy birthday celebrations". Best tradition ever.

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  1. i love that one on one tradition you have! the gift of time is more valuable than anything, really. p.s. that top knot bun is a good one! love it when that happens :)


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