Monday, January 7, 2013

Fashion For Boys {First Day at a New School}

Outfit Rundown:
Mustard Coords - H&M
Button down flannel - AE kids
Purple T Undershirt - H&M
BackPack - Target
Yep, you read that right...someone is headed off to school today. A new school, with new hallways, new playmates, new play yards, new teachers, new classrooms, new dress code, new everything. 
And someone is very nervous about it all. Not just because it's new, but because he wants to be home with his mama {makes my heart happy and sad all at once}.

You may remember that we decided to "abruptly" begin homeschooling our oldest boy, right before the end of last school year. He was having a rough go and we knew it was what he needed. Now...1/2 way through this year...we know he needs to go back. 

I know what you're thinking and you're wrong...we are not wishy washy, yo-yo parents. We're over-thinking, do it yourself till you drop parents, with a touch of uptight. I wish I had more "hippy", laid back, hair in the wind, "free love" in me...then I wouldn't be sitting here counting the minutes of his first  day. But I don't, and I'm counting.

Last night I held him close and reminded him that he is GREAT...I lightly tapped on his little chest and repeated it over and over if by doing so he would be able to grab onto that moment every time he feels his confidence waver throughout the day. 
And then I kissed his forehead and reminded him that he is LOVED...and repeated it in the same fashion...praying that when he feels all those unhappy feelings that school seems to bring, he will remember that he is loved and that this is a place he can trust.

I am crying now, of course...reminding myself that I can not be the anchor for my little man...

Dear Jesus, please hold him close today...tightly.


  1. Love your fashion for boys posts... such a great idea! He looks so cute! Will be thinking and praying for you and your little man today.

  2. I am praying for him too. Every child deserves to be comfortable in his/her school environment. I wish that for him and for you.


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