Tuesday, January 1, 2013

wrapping it up with our fams


Are the holiday's really over? {sad face here}
A shout out to our famlies for helping make this year's festivities extra special! 
Dessert with the in-laws & brunch at my folks...secret santa-ing...and christmas tree treasure hunting...catch phrase madness {our team kicked it! WOOT WOOT!}...and playing with the boys in my childhood bedroom like I used to with the little sis...Thing 2 passing out on the sofa...Thing 1 hanging with the old folks...Thing 3 dressed as a space ranger...and Thing 4 getting out of trouble with the cutest little comments you'd never expect to hear come from a 2 year old. 
It's the simple things.

Hope you're holiday were great. Buckle up...real life is about to kick in, ready or not.


  1. So glad to see your Christmas 2012...Happy, everyone was blessed..this season.....Enjoy! all the pictures...And the beautiful words spoken in love....G-Nan

  2. What a gorgeous pic of your mom!!


Thank you for the note!