Friday, February 8, 2013

bro vs. bro

If you followed the Super Bowl this year you know that the opposing head coaches were brothers. 
Made the game a little more interesting for us lady-folk who don't normally follow along throughout the  season. 
And it made our days events a little more entertaining as well...though it was all pretty exciting without the added twist. 
The hubs and his little brother got together a bunch of guys for some pre-pro-game-flag-football-action. The sidelines were filled with fans and little boys who were playing there own versoin of the game. Some voting took place for best players, best play, etc. And T-shirts were handed out to commemorate the affair.
{I won't say it was adorable because that might demean it in some way...but I'm an ooh and ahh'er kinda gal so know that I'm biting my tongue.} 
Of course we had to wrap things up with too much food and a fabulous Superbowl get together with a tiny bit of wagering, on the important things like "will Beyonce's hair be crimped, straight, or curly?".
Seriously, it was awesome.

Hats of to the hubs and his bro...they put the whole thing together. 

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  1. i can hear the suppression in your voice as you downplay how "adorable" this little event was. you are right to do so...this must become a tradition! so sad i couldn't be at one little part of it but i did predict that Beyonce's hair was crimped...i took the point, though it was a bit of the stretch. love this pics...thank you!!


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