Friday, February 1, 2013


Jersey is having another snow day, today. It's the pretty kind that doesn't slow you down...just covers enough to make life a little prettier. 

The girls {hens} are not fans...only making their way out of their estate for a bite to eat. If they could tip toe, I'm sure they would.

I know I have been lacking in the blogging lately. Life seems to be getting away from me these days. We've had a normal run of seasonal illness's but that's not what's taking up most of my spare time....
We're moving!

Well, we're hoping to move. To a quaint little town already filled with family and friends. It hasn't been an easy decision for sure. We love our place out here in the middle of no where. The house, is our home...and we have gone to great lengths to make it our own. The land is perfect for all our boys & pets alike...and is great for hosting warm day festivities with oodles of friends. We will be downsizing and chances are our new home will not come close to this one...but a house is just a house and it's not always what's most important. 

So while there will be tears when we finally pack up and say good bye...there will also be lots of joy and excitement for what lies ahead. Until then, I'll have a party or two more while we're here. And I'll keep purging and packing the contents of our space...slacking in the blogging department most likely. 

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  1. thinking of you guys during the trying time of the big move :(

    but can't wait to see how you fix up your new place! i'm sure it will be fabulous.

    ps we had to dig little "chicken trails" for our barred rock. the other two will just tromp through the snow and she would just stand by the coop and squawk at them. funny little creatures, they are.


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