Monday, February 25, 2013

some news

 "...He delights in every detail of their lives." 
{Psalms 37:23b NLT}
Our family has some exciting news! We're moving!
Yes. We will miss our fabulous home, but a the end of a day it's just a house and that we can find anywhere.

Some recent changes around here are what lead us to the "maybe it's time to move" discussion. 
4 boys, 2 with special needs, a traveling husband, oodles of drs. appointments, and our closest babysitter 30 minutes away...
It didn't take long for "maybe" to turn to "yes".

When we told our family & friends our plan, we were met with some very valid questions & concerns. Things like : finances, switching schools mid year, the hubs already having a lot on his plate, the state of the housing market, etc. etc. etc.

But we were resting in the knowledge that God is bigger than it all & if he desired, he could overcome ALL of it for us.
Every. Last. Detail.

So...we took a big ol' step of faith and listed our house FSBO {for sale by owner}.

Tid Bit: we are not good at sitting back and trusting. We are shakers and movers. We see a challenge, we take it on. But in this situation there was nothing we could do to make "it" happen. It had to be of the Lord, or it wasn't going to happen at all. Someday's that's a nice place to be...somedays it feels a bit unsettling and you find yourself getting antsy needing to consciously choose to trust. 

We interviewed realtors and they each painted the same bleak picture. They just didn't see us being able to sell, get the $ we needed, and have it sold within the timeline we were allowing. 

But we had a peace, because we knew HE IS bigger than it all. 
{This isn't typical Tracey, I'm a doubter. I want assurances. I have pride. So please, no pedestals.}
To clarify: Our peace didn't rest in knowing that he WOULD make it happen, just in knowing that he COULD. {Big dif} So...if it didn't happen we knew that we were just where we were meant to be and that our reasons for wanting to move...were things we would overcome. 

Ok...this is getting long.

Jump to the end: We had decided to list with a realtor but hadn't made any moves to do so when we got a random call that someone was interested in seeing our home. 
Of course you already know what happened: They made a full price offer same day they walked through. 

Under contract in less than 2 months. Miracle.

We don't doubt for a second that He gave us this gift. A true gift. We did not need to move, we wanted to...and he wanted to give that to us...and now I'm crying because I am so, so , so grateful.

We aren't through all the obstacles of moving...but we still have peace...Because He is bigger than it all...and he loves us. So no worries. tell the kids that our new "town" doesn't really like backyard chickens. Hearts are bound to be broken...but he's looking out for those little details too and loving on the precious little hearts of our boys...why does it feel like this is gonna end with a pet rabbit? 


  1. rabbits are cute too! best of luck with the move!! do you have relatives with chickens that could adopt the girls? then your boys could still visit :)

  2. Love it all and you and glad you'll be closer of course :)

  3. When we decided to move to Australia, some of our friends let us know they would like to buy our house. They offered more than we would have asked and we sat down with an agent friend to do the paperwork. Insanely blessed!

    Ask the new owners if they want chickens...I would!I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next for you! It will be exciting.

  4. Tracey,

    Have been keeping up with all your blogs....Pictures and amazing account, of God at work in your heart and lives.....Be assured, that He will find a good home for the "Chicks", as He has for you....Love, your transparency...Really getting to know you and loving who you are....Nana Tims.


Thank you for the note!