Monday, February 4, 2013

winter bliss

Snow, snow, snow...and more snow.
We're pretty lucky here in NJ. We keep getting just the right amount of snow...winter wonderland.
Perfect for certain 7 year olds whose most favorite snow activity is shoveling. Hello! This one is gonna be very helpful once he has some full sized muscles. 

Simple Snowy day memories: Hikes in the woods // hot cocoa and choc chip cookies // afternoon fires // rosey cheeks // silly pup dashing to and fro // shovel, shovel, shovel... // still squealing when the flurries fall // and lots and lots of icicle treats. 

Happy Winter to you!


  1. Oh it looks wonderful! We had snow a few weeks back but it turned to ice and slush very quickly and wasnt fun atall
    Keri-Anne x


Thank you for the note!