Friday, March 15, 2013

drum roll

Almost done. 
I promise. Only 3 more pics from the week of baby announcing.
These pics just deserved their own special post. 
{insert smiley emoticon here}
If you've been following the blog for any length of time then you recognize the gorgeous blonde as my "bestie". We've known each other for longer than a lifetime and now we're living out our childhood dreams of raising families together. 
Bonus: she's preggo too! 
Neither of us know what we're having yet. {She isn't finding out & I'm not far enough along to find out} But we've already decided these babies will either be the best of friends or betrothed...we just won't have it any other way. 

{Kinda unrelated...but i have a couple of friends who are expecting right now or soon will be, and it makes me silly giddy! It's so fun doing this with friends! Let's do this girls!}
Five...five...five...we are going to be awesome babe! 
I am so lucky I get to spend this fabulous life with you...and our five amazing kiddos. 

Thanks to everyone for all the happy thoughts and well wishes. Your sweet words have helped get me through some baby sickness nights this past week. You are all so kind!

Happy weekend to you. See ya next week!

~I made the above cake to tell the in-laws we were expecting. They had us over to celebrate my b-day and Josh stuck our little pennants in right as he brought it to the table. I wish I had video'd my mother in law, jumping up & down and squealing with was awesome. I also wish I had video'd my father in laws face as my mother in law was jumping up and down, he was very confused because he hadn't seen the pennants yet. It was a great reveal.~


  1. Love the picture of you and josh:)

    1. Me too! Perfectly captures life together... I am so blessed to have him :)


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