Monday, March 18, 2013

little men dressed in green

This past weekend we spend time veggin' out and having some fun with St. Patty's day celebrations: tricky leprechauns, rainbows, and treasure hunts! 

Memories for St Patty's Day 2012: Coop & daddy go to the zoo, orange and green outfits for everyone, Irish potatoes, rainbow hats from Gigi, green toilets, tricky leprechauns who switched the living room furniture with the kitchen furniture, treasure hunts, glitter filled pinata's, rainbow candy's, house hunting..., hopes of catching the leprechaun next year...he is oh so very tricky. 

Hope your weekend was filled with some Irish inspired fun! Any one else visited by a leprechaun?


  1. I win mom of the year award for not even knowing it was st pattys day until someone at acme said something. So no my kids had no green fun:) I blame it on the flu.

  2. love these colors!! How fun! we had a tricky leprechaun that left some footprings and strung out a fruit rollup, got into some chocolate chips, and art supplies..treasuring these simple childhood memories - all too soon she'll be locked in room listening to loud music and texting her friends about how lame her parents are, haha!


Thank you for the note!