Tuesday, March 5, 2013

telling the boys

"Announcing new baby to siblings."
I googled, pinterest-ed, yahoo'd... came up with nothing. 
So...time to get creative. 
Something simple and cute & fun for them... 
The plan: 
~Announce the news using balloons.
~Have them each pick the color/gender ballon that they are hoping the baby will be. {for this to be possible we had to have 4 of each color, just to be safe} 
~Explain that we're picking for fun and that the baby is already a boy or girl we'll just have to wait and see. {Important step...especially for one of our guys...could be disastrous}
Celebrate with cupcakes!

The boys were super de-duper cute. 
We had them all sit on the sofa to wait for a "surprise".
Josh was holding the pink & blue balloons. I was holding the one with the big announcement.
Now, keep in mind that only 1 of our boys can read, which he did {to himself} and then proceeded to bounce up and down with the biggest grin! 
Of course the littles followed suit, but they thought the big surprise was a bundle of balloons...until we had "Thing 1" read the news out loud...and oh how the cheers and giggles erupted...adorbs! 

As you can see the sister vote clearly dominated over the brother vote...Thing 4 & I are in the minority on this one. 
Either way...it's going to be amazing!

Have you announced a new sibling in a fun way? I'd love to hear your story!


  1. That is adorable! So happy for your family.

  2. How sweet and simple. You are such a fun mom!! I'm praying pink : ) Your home is plenty big for another princess (you + a mini you) and besides, you get to decorate in sheer pinkness. LOL.

  3. So wonderful! I got tingles reading your post about how you told your sons....the best news!

  4. this is so sweet. and beautiful pastel set up!

  5. So fun! I will go PINK for you guys :) After all these (handsome) boys you need another girl in the house!!!


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