Tuesday, March 12, 2013

When the surprise part of the party is for the guests...

Telling my girls...
I had been planning this party since the week we learned we were expecting. A quick calculation and we realized that the 3 month mark fell right on my birthday! The perfect excuse to throw a party, where the guests are the ones being surprised!

The plan/rouge: The hubs "threw me" a girls night birthday bash, cocktail party style. After all I love a party...so what better gift could he give me?! 
{We went all out on the delivery of this one...so excited..which I was, just for different reasons.}

I spent the week prior slowly decorating and getting things ready. Most of the food was catered by Wegman's. There was 1 mixed cocktail {apparently very strong, since I couldn't taste it to see if the proportions were right...sorry girls!}, pink champagne, and then Izze's for the non-drinkers.

We hired our fave local photographer E.M. Ricchini, and hid the flags till just the right moment. 

After a little while I "cleared my throat" to get everyone's attention and babbled something silly about something, then "suddenly realized" I had forgotten to put in the cake flags that the hubs had made for the cake...{bestie already knew so I sent her to get the flags for me}


The room was mostly filled with happy shock, and maybe one or 2 simply shocked.
{we have 4 boys already...the room could have been filled with awkward silence and a quiet, "are you crazy?" from the corner. I'll count a couple shocked as a success.}

It was perfect. 


  1. you all have such cute outfits! looks like a good time :)

  2. Love your spontinuity ..All looked as beautiful, as you.......So happy for you, Josh and the family.....God Bless, Nana


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