Friday, April 12, 2013

babies are coming

Soon we will be neighbors with newborns!!!

Our babies will be only 2 months apart! EEK! Being pregnant with a friend is fabulous...all those pregnancy brain moments and someone who totally gets it, daydreams of park walks with newborns and our toddlers, sharing cravings, and being excited for each others little milestones. 

Love it. 

OK so, life is crazy busy right now: we're moving in 2 weeks, a nephew was born {in a very exciting way}, the big boys have had some drama, the hubby is traveling...
Who has time to be pregnant?! 

Confession: Whole days have gone by where I have forgotten I was preggo.

We have officially entered the "kick phase" of pregnancy! There will be no more days of forgetting there is a precious little life growing inside me. Yay! Little one knows that there is some healthy competition out here for mama's attention and it seems he/she will not go unnoticed, already. 
{This is not me complaining, this is me being very, very excited!} 
Ok, so all babies kick but I like pretending he/she is doing it to get some alone moments with me. I'm ridiculous. 

Hey guess what?! Today we find out if he/she is a he or a she!!! Yay!
Any guesses?
{You're gonna have to wait till Monday to find out}


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