Wednesday, April 24, 2013

boys are made of

"...Snips and snails
And puppy dog tails..."
 If the sun is shining he's bound to ask {with his head tilted to the side & his nose wrinkled}, 
"Can we make mud?"

The hubs has nicknamed our littlest "pigpen"...there can't be anyone who enjoys being covered in dirt more than he.

Just the squish of mud between his toes and he can't help but giggle. It's quite contagious...we've all been caught up in it and somehow covered in mud before we knew exactly what was going on, giggling right along with him. 

It's moments like these where the reality hits me, "5 boys".
My days will be forever filled with mud pies instead of pig tails, grass stains instead of ruffles , and robots instead of barbies...
And no PMS, can I get an "AMEN!"

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