Monday, April 15, 2013

It's A...

We are over the moon excited and super blessed by our healthy baby boy #5. 

I would be lying to tell you we weren't a tad disappointed that "he" wasn't a "she", but just for a second. 

"Thing 3" was with us at the Ultra Sound and sobbed when he found out the gender. It took him most of the day to recover. 
In his own words, "I know I will love him when he comes out...I just wish he was a sister."
He's a sweetheart...he really wanted to be in the pics and video of when we told the other boys so he informed me he would "fake being excited". He doesn't want his little brother to know he was sad. 
{What a precious little guy, right?!}

Most of our family and friends simply started laughing when we told them. 
What can I say, the Lord really likes the way we do this "boy thing". 
I'm flattered!

Now...let the name game begin. 
{No online polls this time around...I hope.}


  1. As a Mom of four boys - now you will even be MORE loved!!! Boys sure love their Mamas (as you know) - enjoy enjoy enjoy this experience!!!! Best wishes for a healthy pregnancy, for you to have time to put your feet up, and lots of kisses from those boys!!

  2. Oh wow! That is awesome!!! Congratulations on another beautiful boy! As a mom of 3 boys I would be so completely thrilled to have another.

  3. Hahaha!! The faces of your kids are hilarious when the box is opening. What a cute way to tell them!

  4. Love the name Paul or Brad.....Working on Shy's, afghan.....Ari's, is finished......Do you want a light grey or a dark grey for Shy.....It isn't to late, to change the color....from Light to dark.......Love, Nana


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