Sunday, April 28, 2013

just poppin' in...

We've officially moved! And we LOVE our new home, town, & neighbors. 

We're taking our time to settle in and make this new place our own. So the blogging will continue to be sporadic for a little while. 

But I had to pop in and give a quick "shout out" to this guy...
"Thing 1" was not even the littlest bit excited about our move. 
He was doing better than ever at school & had tons of friends. His little "tween" world was perfect & we were taking it all away. 
He tried his best to handle it all with dignity, but he had his moments...moments that lead to conversations like this, 
"we know you're sad & we understand but you don't get to be rude..."
I'm sure he prayed the whole thing would fall apart and that move day would never come. 
Alas {for him}, it came.
Surprise {for us}, he's be awesome!
Not a complaint, not a comments. Today he spent the ENTIRE day in his new room and literally only came out for meals. 
I know he's still sad about leaving his friends and school behind but he's doing his best to find the bright side of it all...and hopefully when he starts school this week, things will really cheer up for him. 

Three Cheers for this guy!


  1. Don't think, your Aunt's and Uncles, were too happy, about all the moves we made, either.....But, change is good..."Letting Go", is learning to lean on the Lord...I'm sure once, he gets into a new school, it won't belong, before he starts making new friends, again..G-Nan, send lots of Hugs!

  2. Hip, Hip, Hooray! So glad is doing well. He will make friends quickly in his new school to be sure...who could resist that smile :)


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