Tuesday, May 21, 2013

just the 3 of us

Hubs was away and the little 2 were at Gi-gi's...leaving just the 3 of us. 

I couldn't help but feel pressured to "seize the opportunity" to have some extra special fun with my older guys. Now that they're in school there isn't as much time for spontaneous trips to the zoo and random stops at road side ice cream stands. Homework, chores, & bathing eat up most of our evenings. Behavior management often eats up our weekends....leaving a mutual feeling of burn out come Monday. 

{Here is where I deleted a very long, emotional, struggle to connect explanation...mainly because I don't trust these preggo hormones to know if it's really something I want to share with the world, yet. }

They felt pressured too, not by me but by the rare opportunity to have mom all to themselves for the first time in AGES! They were both determined to have the time of their lives.

It was pretty easy deciding what we were gonna fill our time with...these 2 like to eat & as much as I do. So basically that's what we did for 2 days.
Breakfast food for all 3 meals, both days. {YAY for Jersey diners!} We were fat and happy by the time everyone else got home. 

Grateful for those 48 hours with my guys. 


  1. They're so adorable! Glad you guys got to spend time together in such a fun looking place!

  2. Re- the edited-and-then-deleted struggle to connect; my kids are mostly older, now (23, 18, 16, 5), so I have the hindsight that you just can't buy when your kids are young, and you are at the coalface of parenting. Kids are their own people, always will be. They'll weave in and out of your life, and you theirs, sometimes closer, sometimes further away. When you are caught up in wanting them closer, remember that they will turn around and come back towards you, of their own free will, in their own way and time. And the thing that binds them to you, and brings them back, is your love, in all the ways you express it. Time spent together, feeding them, taking an interest in their stuff, keeping them on track and helping them get through the tough times, whether it's homework, their peers, their baggage - it might not feel like enough, but cumulatively it is, over and over again, it is enough. Then look back, and see the wonderful, cloth you have woven with them, as you moved through each other's lives. I know anger, I know pain, I know despair, and so much more I don't know. But a look, a wink, a smile, can send someone a message that cuts through hurt, like nothing else. Keep weaving, you'll love the result. x


Thank you for the note!