Wednesday, May 29, 2013

pimped out farm

Johnson's Corner Farm...has been there since I was a wee thing. wasn't nearly as pimped out back then, as it is now. Imagine a pre-school boys perfect it all off with the tastiest homemade food EVER...
Got it? Good. You have successfully imagined Johnson's. 

Splash parks, farm animals, tee pees, picnics, tractors-tractors-tractors, fresh donuts, pedal cars, playgrounds, little buddies, fellow preggo's, tiny sinks, green houses filled with flowers...

I'm soaking up the moments with these two. School will be out soon and our adventures will take on a whole new level of fun with the whole crew home. 
Till then, I will enjoy our simple days of fun with only 2 in my care, giving me a chance to sit back count some baby kicks and watch my littlest men be thrilled with each new opportunity. 

REAL QUICK - Let's remove the awkwardness and acknowledge the largeness that is my person:
-Yes. I'm sure it's not twins. 
-No, I'm not due any day. 
-Yes. They got the date right. 
-No. It's not the "third baby thing". I like cake.

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