Friday, May 31, 2013

soon we'll have a team

Daddy brought home a new toy. 
Let the lay-up drills begin...
Kinda crazy to think in a few months, we'll have a enough kiddo's to field our own team.
{Can you say "field" when you're talking about basketball, since they play on a court?}

 I can already see it: 5 huge boys climbing out of the minivan at the local playground striking fear into the hearts of the opposing "pick up" teams. The hubs with his a visor and clipboard, trying to hide the excitement...he's been waiting for this moment since day 1 of parenthood...coaching his boys.
Ok, so he probably won't have a clipboard or visor.
But seriously, if Thing 2 keeps growing at his current rate, by the time he's in 4th grade, he'll need to carry around his birth certificate just to be allowed to play with the local kids. 

I wonder what "Thing 5" will bring to the team? Oh my goodness, I can't wait to meet this little fella!

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