Monday, June 3, 2013

beautiful 30

My darling friend/sis-in-law recently joined the "30's are better" crowd and knew exactly how she wanted to celebrate the occasion: "Good food, good friends, surrounded by beauty"
It's no wonder we found ourselves at Terrain
Laughing, chatting, feasting, & putting the sun to bed. 

Some things I adore about my girl: She is passionate...about her family, her food, her relationships, her convictions // she wants to know you, the real you // she's always trying to improve herself // she's honest // she's a midwest girl // she texts me instead of calling // she doesn't have a microwave // she loves Jesus // she loves to read // she accepts // she mistakes shellfish for seashells // we sip coffee with heavy cream and talk for hours.

Happy Brithday Anna...enjoy your wide open spaces this week...may the skies continue to make you feel small. 


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